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The site - is an online shop of handmade jewelries and underwear with deliveries at international level. The main task was to develop a site easy to navigate, regarding the presence of a complex and multitudinous catalog with different categories and sizes of products. We have elaborated an accessible site, which is easy to navigate for the visitor as well as for our client.

The visitors can visualize the structured catalog of products, choose products, delivery service and register the order. Even though the cost of the order includes in itself the amount for the products’ delivery to the recipient country by the chosen courier service. After the order is registered, the members of the company accept it. An invoice is sent to the client, which is automatically generated and sent through e-mail. At order’s placement and the formation of the invoice is taken into consideration the price for a specific client, because in case the visitor is a dealer, then the price differ, this category of clients having special prices. site is a beautiful site, easy to navigate for the clients as well as for the members of the company.

We developed a web site complying with the hotel concept and fulfilling the tasks set by the Customer. This is a comprehensible and laconic web-site that has a little-weight and airy look.
We have elaborated a website for the Euroline-Construct ready to «move in». What does it mean «ready to move in»? This means that we have created the design, numbered, elaborated a program code, we wrote the texts, translated them and we have placed all the materials on the site. Besides, we have created even the badge on the client’s door.
Online shop of household utilities Bomba - is a website that sells, that brings new buyers to the client. How did we reach this result? We have created a website easy to navigate, we have developed functions for a quick purchase, also we had applied the synchronization of the products

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