Service of delivery goods by travellers BuyTheWay
Client:  Buytheway

Website is the most effort-consuming project we worked on. We developed corporate identity and created the website for one year from signing the project. 

This website is a kind of connection between customers and travelers, who bring the goods from anywhere in the world.

How does the service work? It’s easy for everyone:

  1. Site visitor places an order and the order appears in the list of customers.
  2. Travelers make offers to bring the item.
  3. Customer chooses the traveler, who fulfils the order.
  4. Money are blocked on the customer's card.
  5. Traveler completes the order and consumer gives him the code for activation the procedure of getting money. 

We really believe this project will be successful and we continue the works on improvement the project.

Golubencov Victor, Executive Director BuyTheWay
We are deeply indebted to company for its help with implementation of our idea, that is service for bringing goods by travelers That is our first project and in the very beginning we had a lot of amateurish questions. The team helped us with them and taught us the basics of web-design and developing team showed us that they have no unsolvable problems in the sphere of web-coding and website development during collaborative work. All our wishes and suggestions were taken into complete account and we thank them for that.
We developed a web site complying with the hotel concept and fulfilling the tasks set by the Customer. This is a comprehensible and laconic web-site that has a little-weight and airy look.
We have elaborated a website for the Euroline-Construct ready to «move in». What does it mean «ready to move in»? This means that we have created the design, numbered, elaborated a program code, we wrote the texts, translated them and we have placed all the materials on the site. Besides, we have created even the badge on the client’s door.
Online shop of household utilities Bomba - is a website that sells, that brings new buyers to the client. How did we reach this result? We have created a website easy to navigate, we have developed functions for a quick purchase, also we had applied the synchronization of the products

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