Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Ilab24 Studio LLC shall reserve the right to make changes to the contents of this web site and to these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, without a need for a pre-notice to the users.



The contents of ilab.ro web site, i.e. images, texts, graphical elements, video and software, fully belong to Ilab24 Studio LLC and are protected according to the Copyright and Related Rights Act no.8/dated 14 March 1996, as well as by the Romanian and European laws on intellectual and industrial property.

Use of any of the above elements without Ilab24 Studio LLC’s consent shall be punished in conformity with the effective laws.


Personal Data Collection and Processing

The ‘personal data’ shall mean any and all information about an identified individual or, respectively, a legal entity: surname, name, e-mail address, telephone, general information about web site and business of the User/Client.

The ways of collection of personal data used by ilab.ro web site shall include: 

  • Contact forms,
  • Reports on the traffic recorded on the server hosting the web site,
  • Google Analytics and cookies.

The goal of such personal data collection is economic and financial management and, as well, communication services.

Filling-in by the Users of contact forms or order forms on the web site shall be equivalent to unconditional consent to using the filled-in data strictly for conduct of the above activities, i.e. economic and financial management and communication services realised via e-mail or telephone.

After the User accepts the co-operation offer proposed by Ilab24 Studio LLC, the parties execute a co-operation agreement and mutually agree to take all required measures throughout the period of validity thereof in order to avoid divulgation of the information they receive one from the other.

Ilab24 Studio LLC shall not publish and shall not sell or otherwise distribute the databases containing the information about their Users/Clients’ personal data.

Based on Act no.677/2001 on Persons Protection with Regard to Personal Data Processing and Their Free Movement, as amended and completed, and Act no.506/2004 on Personal Data Processing and Private Life Protection in the E-Communications Sector, Ilab24 Studio LLC shall be bound to manage personal data as provided by the clients, members of their families or any other persons, under secure conditions and only for the intended purposes.

Ilab24 Studio LLC shall guarantee to their Clients, the rights specified by Act no.677/2001 on Persons Protection with Regard to Personal Data Processing and Their Free Movement, i.e. the right to be informed, the right of data access, the right to intervene, the right to oppose, the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, and the right to appeal to justice in case of breach of their rights. The Clients shall always have the right to require the full or partial erasure of their personal data held by Ilab24 Studio LLC or by ilab.ro platform. The Clients shall also have an option for claiming for any of the above rights, based on a written signed and dated application lodged to Ilab24 Studio LLC.

ilab.ro platform shall not require confidential information, data about bank accounts, personal passwords and so on, in any form, from their Users. Should the Users divulge such information to any third parties whomsoever, they will be held fully liable for their actions.


Order Making

The User shall use a valid e-mail address when filling-in a contact form/demand offer, in order to place an order on ilab.ro web site.

ilab.ro shall reserve the right to reject an order application if they state that the User provided the information not conforming with the reality, or uses the services in a way that is contrary to the normal practices.


Prices and Delivery Procedure

The prices for ordered services, payment procedure and payment deadline shall be specified in the Offer sent to the User after filling in an order form. After the Offer is accepted, the two parties shall execute a co-operation agreement comprising any and all information as mentioned in the Offer.

The Service Provider shall issue a bill for the services rendered, to the User/Client. The Client’s duty shall be to provide any and all information required for issuing a tax invoice in conformity with the effective laws.

Orders requested by the Client shall be sent in a soft copy (to the e-mail address mentioned in the Demand Offer). The services do not have the form of any physical products to be supplied to the Client, hence, there are implied no transport costs or other related expenses. Consequently, the final price to be paid by the Client comprises exclusively the price of e-products, as mentioned in the Offer that was sent initially, or is calculated as based on such an Offer.

If the Client wants to make changes/order additional products in the course of provision of the services ordered through an Offer on ilab.ro web site or by telephone, the final prices of such services shall be calculated as based on the new version of the products to be delivered. Extra activities shall be stipulated in an addendum enclosed to the agreement.

E-products and services can be paid for via bank transfer after a tax invoice is issued.

The expected e-products delivery date may vary, depending on the service ordered, and shall be indicated in the Offer sent by the Service Provider, and in the co-operation agreement.

The Client shall be bound and shall be responsible for presenting all requested information in writing to the Service Provider, in order to make sure that purchased e-products comply with Client’s needs and expectations.


Final Provisions

Should any of the above clauses be invalid, regardless of the reason entailing the invalidity thereof, this will not affect the validity of other clauses stipulated on the Terms and Conditions page.

As soon as an offer is made and a service rendering agreement is executed, the Client shall unconditionally accept the Terms and Conditions of Use as provided on this page.

If you order a website from us, you will receive:

The exact cost of the project
We consider the exact cost of the project and do not correct it in the process of work. Change in cost is possible only with the addition of additional functionality.
Individual design
We are developing an individual design for your project. We take into account the functions that you assign to the site and correctly place the accents. In addition, you are entitled to an unlimited number of comments and adjustments to the design.
Warranty 2 years.
If you find errors in the work of the site, which we, and you missed during the testing phase, we will fix them for free. But we are only talking about errors, and not about additional functionality.
What you get when working with us
  • Accuracy of data Hitting the target
  • Work system Experience
  • Terms Responsibility Moving Forward
  • Individual approach

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