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There are three types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies: these are necessary for good operation of the web site and cannot be deactivated. These cookies do not store any personal identification information.
  • Performance cookies: these cookies allow us to number the visits and traffic sources, in order to measure and improve the web site performance. They allow us to know the most or the least popular web pages and to supervise the web site performance.
  • Advertising cookies: these may be set up on our web site by our advertising partners (Google). They do not store directly the personal information but they identify the browser you use, and the device you access our web site from. If you do not allow to use these cookies, you will not see advertising on our web site.

Any browser allows you either to accept cookies, or not. Deactivation and refuse to accept cookies may make certain web sites impracticable or difficult to be used. Besides this, refusal to accept cookies does not mean that you will not receive/see the online advertising on the visited web site. Any browser offers the possibility to change the cookies settings.

These settings may be usually found in the ‘Options’ section or in the ‘Preferences’ menu.

If you order a website from us, you will receive:

The exact cost of the project
We consider the exact cost of the project and do not correct it in the process of work. Change in cost is possible only with the addition of additional functionality.
Individual design
We are developing an individual design for your project. We take into account the functions that you assign to the site and correctly place the accents. In addition, you are entitled to an unlimited number of comments and adjustments to the design.
Warranty 2 years.
If you find errors in the work of the site, which we, and you missed during the testing phase, we will fix them for free. But we are only talking about errors, and not about additional functionality.
What you get when working with us
  • Accuracy of data Hitting the target
  • Work system Experience
  • Terms Responsibility Moving Forward
  • Individual approach

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