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Eugene NEDBAILO, IMC Malta LTD / General manager Internet MobileCommunications (Malta) Ltd
Our company is thankful to the for collaboration. We got a professional help and services on everything we needed. All the job was done in the promised time and we had not experiences any delays. When necessary we were given a piece of advice of the better way to do.
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Golubencov Victor, Executive Director BuyTheWay
We are deeply indebted to company for its help with implementation of our idea, that is service for bringing goods by travelers That is our first project and in the very beginning we had a lot of amateurish questions. The team helped us with them and taught us the basics of web-design and developing team showed us that they have no unsolvable problems in the sphere of web-coding and website development during collaborative work. All our wishes and suggestions were taken into complete account and we thank them for that.
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Maria Aramă, Marketing director Colombus
Colombus company thanks all the team of the company and especially it’s header – Victor Condratiuc. We had a great pleasure to collaborate on creating the official website for our company.
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Vlad Condriuc, Webmaster Nr1
We would like to express our deep gratitude towards the employees of the company for their responsible and high-quality development of the website for the chain of the supermarkets Nr1.
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Ana Chicu, Marketing director Comsales Grup
On behalf of the company «ComsalesGrup» we thank the staff f of the company for the strong partnership relationships. We have been collaborating with you starting from 2014, and you have successfully presented all our advantages and main features of all our products on our website.
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Vladimir Bosneac, Director
We have paid attention to company long time ago. As a result decided to make a trial order for development of social network application for job searching. The application was intended for Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. We were pleased with the collaboration.
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Serghei Ianioglo, Marketing Director FBS Group
Compania FBS Group aduce sincere mulţumiri laboratorului Internet pentru atitudinea responsabilă şi abordarea profesionistă la dezvoltarea paginii noastre web corporative.
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Michail Babaev, CEO Ecaterix
I could not make my mind on a developer for our website for a great while. At the moment, the market is overcrowded with companies offering their web resource creation services at the moment. I have noticed the Company due to its work.
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Tatiana Rusnac, Director
“Intelligent Recruitment” is a company specializing on staff recruitment. For effective intercommunion with clients and candidates in the internet, our company decided to order corporative website development on
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Victor Cucinschi, Director Happy Cleaning
We are thankful to web-studio for high quality work on visit card web-site development for our company.
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Artem Baboglo, Director of Inbound Travel Upjet Travel Group
Upjet Travel Group thanks iLab web-studio for the design of advertising leaflets done well-timed. We applied for developing the leaflets design just before the touristic season begins.
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