The online shop for household appliances
Client:  Bomba

Our company has developed a new site for the household appliances store - Bomba. We have transformed in a modern and easy to navigate site, placing the accents on the color and in the same time we did not overload the website with colors.

One of the main functions of the online shop is the synchronization of items with the ordering program of the site’s client. For Bomba we have applied the synchronization in such a way that even the complicated structure of the menu is formed based on the synchronized data. All the processes, needed for the automation - we have automated and reduced the manual work to maximum.

We have scrupulously elaborated the section «Promotions». For each promotion, there is created a page that contains all the description of the items that participate in the promotion. As products can serve items apart as well as entire categories. For the visualization of the products it was created such an option as the blocks’ placement choice in which them to be presented.

The website created for the company Bomba - is a difficult project which we have successfully finished, as we have promised, in a period of three month time, due to a fruition, functional collaboration and the quick reaction of the client.

We developed a web site complying with the hotel concept and fulfilling the tasks set by the Customer. This is a comprehensible and laconic web-site that has a little-weight and airy look.
We have elaborated a website for the Euroline-Construct ready to «move in». What does it mean «ready to move in»? This means that we have created the design, numbered, elaborated a program code, we wrote the texts, translated them and we have placed all the materials on the site. Besides, we have created even the badge on the client’s door.
If there are in catalog tens of thousands of titles of spare parts, then the main task for the website elaboration is to make this site comfortable and easy to navigate for the members of the company and for the clients. That is why for the development of the Tehnovans website we have provided a rapid searching model, synchronization and a comfortable system of order processing.

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