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Latest works

Laconic web site Unirea Hotel & Spa

We developed a laconic web site with an airy look for Unirea Hotel & Spa from Iasi Municipality. This web site renders the hotel atmosphere in a vigorous way, due to many colourful photographs. We thoroughly designed the web site structure and functionalities, so that the users would be able to find quickly the information they needed, and would not get lost on the web site. Besides this, we also took care of mobile users and paid attention to the adaptive web site version. That’s why this web site works quickly, despite large volume of graphical information.

Site laconic pentru Unirea Hotel&Spa
Site laconic pentru Unirea Hotel&Spa
Website for Aluprime Facade Systems

Aluprime is a company that supplies the Romanian market with materials for cladding facades of world industry leaders. We have developed a bright, memorable website where it is easy to find the necessary information about materials and about the company. All the necessary accents are highlighted in color and attract user’s attention.

The website looks simple and clear, however there are numerous internal links and a complicated, but convenient, control panel behind it. We believe that the main requirement of a website, which brings money, is to easily and briefly present a large amount of materials. On aluprime.ro website, each user finds what he/she is looking for and does not learn the information he/she does not need. We are sure that the website will bring new customers to the company!

PremiumStore.ro Online Store

PremiumStore is a home appliance store for which our web studio developed an online store with clear navigation and a convenient catalog. The customer had clear requirements regarding the way the company’s online store was supposed to look and function. However, we had developed about 50 online stores and also had our own principles, as we are convinced that any project should be convenient for both our customers and their clients. Therefore, we had to find a certain compromise.

We kept negotiating and looking for a solution. As a result, we developed an online store with an understandable catalog and simple order finalization, so that any customer could figure out how to order the goods and pay for them in a few minutes. We provided for unloading and synchronization of goods from the store’s base every 5 minutes to avoid the situations when the product is no longer in the store, but it is still displayed on the website.

Our customer was satisfied with our work and the resulting project, and we keep working together to improve it and make it more perfect.

Интернет-магазин PremiumStore.ro
Интернет-магазин PremiumStore.ro
Customer reviews

Eugene NEDBAILO, IMC Malta LTD / General manager

Internet MobileCommunications (Malta) Ltd

Golubencov Victor, Executive Director


Maria Aramă, Marketing director


Vlad Condriuc, Webmaster


Ana Chicu, Marketing director

Comsales Grup

Vladimir Bosneac, Director


Serghei Ianioglo, Marketing Director

FBS Group

Michail Babaev, CEO


Tatiana Rusnac, Director


Victor Cucinschi, Director

Happy Cleaning

Artem Baboglo, Director of Inbound Travel

Upjet Travel Group

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